Friday, April 30, 2010

Avacado red radish Sandwich

Serving size
3 sandwiches

1 very ripe large avocado
3 medium sized red radishes sliced
dash of black pepper
3 soy cheese slices (0ptional)

6 slices of bread white(I use sheperds bread from TJ) or oats or multigrain or wheat

Toast bread slices

Cut avocado into half, take out the seed. Slice into thin slices. Divide into 3 portions
slice radishes with skin and divide into 3 portions

Now spread one portion of avocado, 1 portion of radish over a bread slice. add a dash of pepper.
Close it with another bread slice. If using soy cheese add it after black pepper.


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  1. very interesting! wish you would also post some pics :)