Thursday, February 05, 2009

Vegan sweet crepes with creamy filling

Sweet dosas/crepes are one of south Indian delicacy, here I have modified it to use wheat flour(traditionally all purpose flour is used) and also a vegan cream filling to resemble sweet crepes available in pancake houses.The cardamom spells Indian flavor but if you don not have it feel free to substitute with cinnamon.This is my entry for paajaka's Sweet series - Rice/Wheat sweets & Diabetic friendly sweets

Makes about 6 crepes

1/2 whole wheat flour - I used golden temple Atta

3 table spoon dark brown sugar - You can use any kind of sweetener

1/8 spoon of cardamom
use about 1 cup water and make a batter , if batter is too thick add more water to thin it down, so it has crepe/dosa batter consistency

Nicely blend the following with a hand mixer or fork:

4 table spoon tofutti - soy based cream cheese

1/4 spoon vanilla

1 table spoon sugar

You can any chopped fruits or berries to the above mixture

Lightly oil a omelet/tawa/crepe pan and prepare the crepe, it is prepared like rava dosa ,where you slightly pour the batter and rotate the pan to coat.

Use non stick pan only and use only medium flame.

Add a teaspoon of oil(it has to be tasteless like canola, if you use diary use ghee/clarified butter for enhanced flavor)around the crepe, I just sprayed canola oil spray, in about a minute or 2 it will be done.

Now add a dollop of tofutti mixture in the center and fold it into four.

Serve it with a fruit wedge.

If you are having tough time getting the crepes out of the pan try adding more oil or 1 tablespoon of rice flour to the batter.

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