Friday, January 23, 2009

Yellow squash sabzi

I had 3 yellow squashes that I bought on impulse when I visited the nearest grocery store. I left them in refrigerator for a week postponing the day to cook, I searched for various recipes using them I came across a pasta dish, a Mexican casserole extra...i had such big plans for the vegetable but at last I ended up cooking it into a simple sabzi...truth to be told I have no was try it.

If you do not have yellow squash use zucchini or Italian squash


3 yellow squash

1/2 spoon mustard
1/2 spoon spilt urad dal
3 table spoon olive oil

2 teaspoon onion powder
1 spoon garlic powder

3/4 red chilli powder
3/4 spoon corianderpowder
1/4 spoon cumin powder
1/2 spoon turmeric

salt to taste

1 table spoon chopped cilantro


Dice squash into small pieces with the skin on.
heat 1 table spoon oil in a non stick pan, add mustard and urad when it starts spluttering
add the onion and garlic powder saute till they becomes light brown...don't burn it
dump the squash..and mix so that the spice powder coat the squash
now add turmeric, chilli, coriander, cumin powders and salt mix well.
close it with lid and leave it in medium flame for say 3-4 minutes.
then open the lid and let the liquids evaporate.
No need to add any water squash has enough water to cook by itself.

once all the water dries up add cilantro...mix well.

Serve with rice or roti.

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