Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Moorkozambu (Buttermilk sambar)

This is for my friend RAJNI.... She loves this dish...so much so that she prefers it like a soup rather than a curry served over the rice ....
There are many different ways of preparing this dish...I am providing the simplest way which I tend to fall on whenever I feel like eating moorkozambu(pronounced as more-kho-lum-boo)
Later I will try to provide the 2 other versions that I use, my mother's and my mother-in-law's...both of them are expert in moorkozhambu .


To grind
2 table spoon split peas(pottu kadala)
2 or 3 green chilies as per your taste
1 spoon jeera
2.5 table spoon grated coconut dry flakes

3 cups buttermilk
1/2 spoon turmeric
3/4 spoon mustard
2 red chillies
pinch of hing

1 table spoon coconut oil
2 table spoon vegetable or some cooking oil

Vegetable like opo/ white pumpin/ choyote or butternut squash cut into big cubes and boiled/steamed with very less water .

Salt to taste


Grind the ingredients mentioned under to grind to a dry powder

Heat pan in medium flame add 1 table spoon coconut oil, 1 table spoon cooking oil and dump the powder into it
Sauté slightly so that it becomes a mass. Remove pan from flame before the mixtures starts turning brown

Now add buttermilk, turmeric, salt and mix nicely so that powder mixture is dissolved

Bring to a boil...while constantly stirring it

now heat 1 table spoon oil in medium flame, add hing and mustard. When mustard splutters add curry leaves, redchillies and dump the tadka into the sambar, also add the boiled vegetable at this stage

Mix well

If you feel sambar is runny u can mix 1 spoon rice flour in say 1/4 cup water add to sambar and bring to slow boil

If u feel it is not spicy enough u can add red chili powder and bring to boil or break and add the red chillies to tadka to release the heat

if you feel it is not sour enough u can add lemon juice.

Also if you want to use okra/eggplant, cut into small pieces saute nicely in oil and then add it to the kozambu.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Tomato paste - peas pasta

1 cup boiled small pasta like macaroni and mini shells
1 table spoon tomato paste
1 spoon basil paste(grind few basil leaves with water) or u can use pesto
pepper and salt to taste
2 table spoon extra virgin olive oil
1/4 cup frozen peas

In a pan heat oil in medium flame, add basil paste tomato paste, pepper and salt when it starts to slightly bubble , add frozen peas. Saute for 2 minutes. Toss the pasta with the sauce
add more oil if needed

serve it with or without grated parmesan on top.

Cabbage koftas


1st set
2 cups grated or sliced cabbage
1/4 cup water

2nd set
1 garlic crushed nicely
3/4 cup besan
2- 3 loaves of bread crumbled into crumbs
1 spoon of garam masala or kitchen king masala
1/2 spoon chilli powder
salt to taste

oil for deep frying

add cabbage and water to a microwaveable bowl and microwave for 10 minutes
the cabbage, add the second set of ingredients and mix well it will be in doughy consistency
make small balls and fry it in oil till golden brown

You can add chopped coriander say 1 spoon to dough if you want
you can eat these koftas just like that with catsup or sauce or you can throw in kofta to make kofta pulav and gravy to make kofta gravy.

paneer sandwich

6 loaves fine wheat bread or white bread - corners removed
3 tablespoon paneer crumbled
1 garlic crushed
1 spoon MDH kitchen king powder
1/2 carrot grated
1 spoon coriander leaves finely chopped
1 table tasteless cheese like mozzarella or amul grated
1 table spoon oil
1/2 onion finely diced

In a pan heat oil add onion, garlic and saute ...when it becomes soft add kitchen king powder
saute for another minute, add carrot saute for another 3 minutes
add salt , paneer and coriander leaves mix and keep in ready

Take 2 loaves of bread, spread 1 table spoon of paneer filling ..add say 1 spoon of grated cheese close with another bread , press slightly with your hand

In a tawa add 1 spoon oil and toast sandwich so that both sides are golden brown
cut into 3 long strips and serve it with ketchup or any sauce

to keep the sandwich crunchy and warm. Line a cookie sheet with foil and leave it in oven at 200 degree, till your guests arrive

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Asparagus shitake mushroom pasta


1/2 pound pasta(spagetti is good, but any shape is fine)
1 bunch asparagus trimmed and chopped into 1 cm pieces
1 box shitake mushrooms , stems removed, caps sliced
1 big clove garlic crushed
2 shallots finely chopped
1/2 spoon italian seasoning

1 table spoon grated parmesan(optional)

salt and pepper to taste

4 table spoon Extra virgin olive oil

Boil pasta al-dente as per package directions and drain

In a wide pan heat oil in a medium flame add garlic and shallots together, saute till they become shiny, now add mushrooms, italian seasoning and saute till it becomes tender. Now add asparagus, it will get cook within 2-3 minutes. once the veggies are done, dump pasta into the veggies add salt , pepper and parmesan. Toss well.
Serve it warm with the side of a slice of foccacia bread

zucchini spring onion paratha

1 medium size zucchini shredded
1/2 bunch spring onion - only green parts finely chopped
1 spoon MDH parata masala
1/4 spoon black pepper
1.5 cups wheat flour
salt to taste

put all ingredients into a bowl and start kneading , since zucchini has lot of water, sometimes that may itself be enough for dough to form, but if needed add water in small amounts to make it reach the usual paratha dough consistency.

Now roll parathas, cook them in a pan and enjoy with maggie sauce or yogurt.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Veggie burger


to grind:
1 can cannelini or garbanzo beans drained and rinsed
1/2 slab or 6 oz extra firm or firm or super firm tofu water pressed off
1 red/yellow/green bell pepper chopped
2 tablespoon chopped fresh dill or coriander leaves
3 table spoon cooked rice
1 table spoon garamasala or or sabji masala or pav bhaji masala or curry powder
2 tablespoon soy sauce

2 loaves whole wheat or white bread
1/2 onion finely chopped

Grind all ingredients in a food processer when it is thick like cookie batter remove and add it to a bowl

grind the bread loaves and add fresh bread crumbs and chopped onions to tofu bean mixture. Mix well . If the mixture is very loose add more bread crums so that it will enable you to make patties easily.

Make patties and lay in on a baking sheet bake on 375 for 30 - 40 minutes

or you can shallow fry them.

serve it between 2 lovaes of bread or burger bun with lettuce tomato , enjoy

For serving in pitas make small balls out of batter instead of patties.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fool proof idli


first set
4 cups idli rice
1/2 cup raw rice like sona masoori

second set
1.5 cups urad dal broken or whole doesn't matter
1 spoon methi seeds

wash and soak first set together in one vessel and second set together in one vessel
refrigerate over night

grind urad mixture first with as little water as possible, so that it is a thick smooth paste

grind rice mixture now , dont add too much water add only as needed. Add the rice batter to the batter you got by grinding urad mixture

mix nicely with hand not with a spoon. add salt as per your taste and leave batter in a closed space, best bet is your wooden counters... to rise. During summer even if you leave it on table the batter will rise. Say for about overnight or 6-8 hours

The way to test if the batter has risen is by using a spoon, if you dislodge the batter it will be have a spongey texture rather than the thick batter you ground.

before preparing idli spray idli mold with pam, then add say about 1.5 cups of water to batter to thin out.(This is needed only if you have very thick batter if you have moderatly thin batter , dont add this water amount). Ladle the batter into idli mould and steam for 15 minutes
Yummy idli ready

Note: Make sure you dont add too much water during grinding as thin batter will lead to bad idilis.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tomato rasam


2 teaspoon ghee

½ spoon mustard

½ spoon jeera

Pinch of hing

2 spoon rasam powder

Salt as per taste

Sugar ½ spoon

Pepper powder ¼ spoon

4-5 curry leaves

2 spoon cut coriander/cilantro leaves

2 medium sized tomatoes or 3 small tomatoes finely diced

2.5 cups water

½ spoon tamarind paste


Take a pan, add ghee, add mustard jeera, when splutters add hing half of the curry leaves, and tomatoes

Sauté for a minute add rasam powder, water, salt, tamarind. mix and bring to boil

Add sugar, pepper powder, remaining curry leaves and cilantro, simmer for few minutes serve


if u want different lemony taste use lemon juice instead of tamarind but when using lemon juice add just before serving not while cooking
Instead of fresh tomatoes use canned whole tomatoes they make rasam even more tasty as they are canned when they are extremely ripe
U can even add ½-3/4 spoon of tomato paste to give it a body, it enriches rasam