Monday, August 21, 2006

Simple Cashew Upma


1 cup Rava(Roasted preferred)
1 3/4 water - warm or hot

3 green chillies cut into rounds or slit lengthwise based on spice tolerence level
5-6 curry leaves
handful cashews

1 spoon channa dal
1/2 spooon mustard
1/2 spoon urad dal
2 pinches hing

salt as per needed

4 tablespoon oil
2 spoon ghee

keep pan in medium heat(non stick preferrable)
add oil
add mustard,urad dal,channa dal and wait for it to turn slight brown
now add hing,cashews
slightly fry cashews to slight brown add chillies and curry patta
wait for 15 seconds
add rava and roast for about a minute
add salt
now add water and mix it so that there are no lumps
add ghee now , keep mixing once in a minute till u get consistency of upma.